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Medivet Group of Companies is the largest private veterinary healthcare group in Malaysia with its range of services extending into several affiliated sectors. Backed by four decades of veterinary practice, Medivet Group is constantly evolving through focused efforts on strategic imperatives aimed at enhancing the quality and standards of veterinary and livestock industry in the country.

Through the advancement of technology and innovative ideas, Medivet is capitalizing on competitive advantages and creating new directions in veterinary consultancy, livestock sustainability management, pet nutrition and pet care products. It is the group's mission statement to continuously develop the knowledge of the veterinary practice through our size, expertise and resources

Veterinarians are the custodians of animal welfare and husbandry practices. They play an increasingly important role in managing food production, disease control and public health in our world today.

Medivet Group is a synergy of veterinary specialists, consultants, educators and pet lovers dedicated in providing animal healthcare services, resources and expertise to the community. Our primary purpose is to improve the health and welfare of animals as well as developing safe and ethical production, husbandry parameters for the livestock industry. Despite popular belief, disease, injury and ignorance are the most common threats to animal well-being, and as a group, we are committed to reducing and preventing unnecessary suffering.

Medivet group also helps support and harness an ever increasing number of veterinary practices and promote responsible pet ownership in Malaysia.

From a humble beginning in 1972, Datuk Dr. S. Sivagurunathan who had a colourful tenure at the vet civil service decided to go beyond boundaries as he ventured into private practice by setting up the City Vet Clinic. Guided by his passion in veterinary science, key principles in ethics, animal welfare and education, he gradually evolved his single man clinic to a highly skilled referral hospital known today as the Animal Medical Centre Group of Hospitals.

In the early pioneering years of private practice, Datuk Dr. S. Sivagurunathan noticed a very distressing trend in the frequency of infectious and metabolic diseases among companion animals at an early age. He was convinced that the poor state of nutrition and the lack of education within the pet loving population contributed to the problem. He then set his goal to improve his knowledge base in pet nutrition as he believed the standard of care at that time was rather basic. Through his affiliations with the AAHA and continuing education to the vets, he was able to introduce new sciences and technology to the country.

In 1979, with a team of one veterinarian (himself), one veterinary assistant (Mr M P Raman) and one sales staff, Datuk Dr. S. Sivagurunathan established Pets Corner Sdn Bhd. His mission is to introduce the first wellness and prescription diets from USA ie: Hills Science Diet. His vision is to educate veterinarians and the public on the importance of a nutritionally balanced diet and its direct effect on the wellbeing of pets.

The pet food distribution network and the veterinary hospitals are today part of our parent company, Medivet Group.

Medivet Group was birthed through the efforts of its Chairman, Datuk Dr. S. Sivagurunathan in 1972. Through his pioneering effort to establish the first private small animal veterinary practice in Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Dr. S. Sivagurunathan has grown the clinic into a leading veterinary hospital and referral centre for the country.

The Medivet group of companies today comprises of an integrated business services which include distribution, retail, auxiliary companion animal care services, information technology, veterinary education and veterinary consultancy services for both private and government agencies. Our uniqueness has positioned us as a dynamic veterinary based and leading organization in tuned with the passion and capability to taking the veterinary and agro-based industry to greater heights!

Through the years, Medivet has formed reputable partnerships with both Government and private organizations committed to sharing similar philosophy. The past decade has seen the group grow from strength to strength gaining credible mileage in extending its small & large animal business sectors.

Our Vision and Mission is to continuously explore and develop credible veterinary based business through strategic joint-ventures and partnerships. With the advance of technology, we aim to unlock the value of pet care, livestock management and husbandry sciences through innovative methods of veterinary practice.

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