Nature Hill Farm

About Us

Nature Hill Farm was established in 2006 by Datuk Dr Sivagurunathan & Dato’ Dr. Mhd. Nordin Bin Mohd Nor both pioneering veterinarians whom acknowledged the need to establish a GREEN Eco-farm to showcase good farming practices, to engage in training and further enhance the breeding genetics of local indigenous ‘Katjang’ goat breed over time.

Since establishing a GREEN Eco-farm we have been focused on breeding the local indigenous goats with good standards in veterinary husbandry, with natural cropping systems in place there has been a steady multiplying of the goat herd.

By establishing a GREEN Eco-nucleus farm we aim conserve the local ‘Katjang’ goat gene as the breed is virtually extinct.

  • Secondly the breeding of the Katjang gene to produce good quality local Katjang stock.
  • Sustainability is key hence participating in rearing fish and growing high value fruits and vegetables in this model will provide supplementary income as well as food source for the farm.
  • To ensure ample fresh feed for goats from various grasses, legumes and other pants should be grown to provide a feed bank for the livestock.
  • The built up of the shed and all structures should be done in an environmentally friendly way and will conserve energy and supports going GREEN initiative.
  • Thru goat waste management the crafting of of green fertilizer from goats waste and plant waste will further support the nurishment of the farming or croping soil. Goat manure makes an excellent soil conditioner for new gardens, as well as established gardens. It improves the soil texture so Goat manure, unlike all manures, offers a low-cost, natural source of nitrogen and other nutrients to farm land.

Nature Hill Farm partners with Animal Medical Centre Sdn. Bhd. to ensure health of the goat herd is maintained as to improve the breeding genetics.