Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

A message from Mr. S. Shrilan:

At Medivet our corporate social responsibility is fundamental to how we do our business from ensuring that all employees are treated fairly to addressing our environmental impact.

Through the decades, our group of companies has provided jobs for the local community. Work gives people dignity and a sense of community and belonging. Work drives the local and global economies. Work is key in contributing to the well being of society at large. With work we are able to provide better care and protection for all pets, all animals put on this Earth. They need us to care for them to see to their needs and to ensure quality of life for all beings.

We have a responsibility to be a great corporate citizen from workplace to the marketplace, we are committed to inclusive diversity and we engage people with honesty, care and integrity. We have a passion to lead positive changes in this country, both in our industry and society.

Our belief in Corporate Social Responsibility is in a wide variety of areas including the quality of our products, environmental, safety & health initiatives, ethical marketing programs, philanthropic initiatives, community relations, human resources, governance and our code of conduct.

We have made progress in many areas including efforts to champion animal welfare activities such as the formation of the Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation in 1998. We will persevere on this journey – to be better global citizens that will be the true measure of our success and our commitment to doing the right thing for our 4-legged friends for today and tomorrow's generations.

Shrilan Siva
Managing Director

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